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Benefits Of Living Next To The Ocean

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at a waterfront accommodation in Hobart

When I was looking at hotel packages in Hobart for my next holiday, I wanted something close to the ocean. Why? It’s simply human nature. It’s psychology. We long to be close to the ocean, and here’s why:

The first civilisations built around a body of water have flourished due to the benefits it gave the people in terms of trade, produce and irrigation. As compared to today, a lot of people prefer living in the city because of urbanisation. 

Businesses had somehow made its way towards the metropolis that according to the World Health Organization, 68% of the world’s total population will be living in the cities by 2050. As a result, today’s generation undergoes a lot of stress, fatigue and develop chronic ailments due to the absence of work-life balance. 

Studies had shown that one of the best ways to destress is to have a vacation, usually, near the beach. While the favourable outcome could be attained temporarily by those who take time off for a week or two from their jobs, below is a list of benefits that those who live by the ocean get on a daily basis:


Close your eyes and replace any buzzing or disturbing noise of the city with the sound of waves from morning ‘til night. Imagine the immense concentration you can have with the absence of that noise. Also, try to indulge on the sea view and the sea breeze available to you 24/7 by the porch. That’s exactly what I experienced at a waterfront accommodation in Hobart, this weekend. This calm approach regarding time, tasks and chores helps our body to rejuvenate effectively. While city life makes you spend most of your time working or dealing with an immense amount of stress, our rest periods get affected because of our inability to let go since we’re tied up to it so much. Unlike if we are in a serene environment, our ability to achieve full deep sleep is aided in a certain way that helps us achieve optimum health.


When you’re this close to nature, endorphins (or mostly known as the happy hormones) are released by our brain as a response making us feeling happy and light. When our body is exposed to a great number of endorphins, our physical body regenerates efficiently. How? It relieves our physical body from stressors, therefore, preventing ourselves from producing harmful substances that can contribute to the formation of chronic ailments, unexplainable psychological affectation leading to depression and the development of cancer cells.


Not only does it give you the natural high but also the strength to sustain a healthy physique. The ocean, as it breathes, gets you out of the house to take an active lifestyle such as swimming, running and playing volleyball. And what do all of these have in common? A chance to play! Who says playing is just for young people? The idea is, you only get old when you stop playing. You may think that when you are working, you are always on the go, pro-active and all. You forget that sitting for more than 8 hours in front of your computer could increase your chance of obesity, heart disease, muscle atrophy and hails sedentary lifestyle. When you live beside the beach, there’s always a great way to burn calories, even in just taking a walk.


So many people that live by the sea know a thing or two when it comes to fishing. And this gives them instant access to catching their own dinner that is not just fresh but also is the most organic that they can ever have. Seafood is rich in Iodine which enhances neurological functioning and bodily growth because of its importance in making thyroid hormones. Also, spending time under the sun triggers your skin to produce Vitamin D, necessary to absorb Calcium and Phosphorus for bone growth. The antibacterial benefit from sea salt heals wounds, the magnesium in the air helps the body to regulate blood sugar levels, blood pressure and muscle and nerve functions and also, the soothing feeling that the sand gives our feet regulates our heart rate.


The sea always has that mysterious magnetic feel to it. Emotionally, it captivates our senses. While our brains do not exactly stop working, the vastness of the ocean lets it embrace a tranquil state. Therefore, its healing capability encourages a person to silently take a deep breath and give everything time. You may call it whatever you want: spacing out, meditation or submission. It all does one thing, it lets you stay still and keeps your soul humble to say, as living creatures, we are one

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