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What To Know Before Doing Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic surgery is an exclusive medical and surgical procedure undertaken to amplify the aesthetical features of either a treated or normal part of the body such as the neck, butt, face or nose. The focus is on enhancing appearance rather than the treatment of a health condition. This type of surgery is discretionary and generally driven by a balance between various levels of self-confidence and precautionary measures on postoperative effects.

The following are some of the cosmetic surgical procedures on high demand:

Breast augmentation –  the physical appearance of the breasts is augmented through surgical enlargement or shaping. There are many places to get natural breast implants in Australia. In most cases, silicone implants or harvesting and transfer of excess fat from either the thigh or abdomen through liposuction. 

Abdominoplasty – referred to as “tummy tuck” in medical circles, this procedure is aimed at enhancing abdominal shape and firmness. Extra skin and fat are excised out of both the middle and lower belly, with the aim of stiffening the midsection tendons.

Blepharoplasty – This is simply an eyelid surgery that is intended to redraw the shape of the eyelids. Because of ageing, the skin loosens, causing a saggy appearance of the upper eyelids, and visible sacs on the lower eyelids. It is performed by surgical extraction and relocating exuberance skin and fat to tighten muscles and tendons around the eye.

Rhinoplasty –  This scalpel procedure is done to boost the nasal looks. It may involve reworking, alteration of the pointed end of the nose and reducing the skeletal structure of the nose. Also commonly referred to as “nose job”.

Other cosmetic surgical operations may include; Labiaplasty (for labia shape-up or removal), Lip augmentation (to enhance the fullness of lips), Otoplasty (ear surgery for aesthetic realignment), Rhytidectomy (to dissipate wrinkles and other effects of ageing) Phalloplasty (for cosmetic penis remodelling or restoration) among others.

Cosmetic surgery consists of highly specialized, expensive and risk-laden medical operations that call for thorough considerations, consultations and exhaustive opinion before an undertaking to the surgeon’s scalpel. The following are some of the considerations to ponder before lying on the surgical table:

  • Put into consideration the surgeon’s professional opinion, but above all the final decision is entirely on you, and remember never to be easily swayed to change what was not in the initial thought process.
  • Research deeply, seek relevant and comprehensive information concerning the cosmetic surgeon, the surgical procedure, authenticate and evaluate their academic and career/ professional credentials, advantages and disadvantages of the procedure in advance in order to arrive at an informed decision.
  • Be wary and informed any associated risks and limitations, most cosmetic surgery procedures include carrying out a major operation and it comes with a risk. The inherent danger of severe anomalies arising which may include over-bleeding or contamination occurring during surgery. There is an imperative need for a detailed dialogue to unwrap and comprehend the risks attributed to the particular surgical procedure.
  • Most health insurance plans have no provision for cosmetic surgery procedures. Necessary cost implications should be analyzed and mitigated accordingly to avoid inconveniences and medically undesirable stressful situations. Take advantage of discounted service packages or alternatively treatment can be catered for through market-driven medical financing options.
  • It is unpleasant and therefore, highly advisable to desist from undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure for anyone’s gratification. 
  • Follow all the surgeon’s instructions before and after surgery. In most instances, smoking and drinking are discontinued about a month before and after the operation as they tend to compromise the system’s immunity. Advice regarding foods to consume, medication and healing therapies should be adhered to, any misgivings should be communicated for proper guidance to be sought.
  • Develop high levels of optimism and hope that a successful cosmetic surgery is inevitable, the outcome will be realistic and meet the required expectations. In case you need any further surgery later, the surgeon will be at hand for more specialized consultations.

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